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Height-Adjustable Stainless Steel Tables

With a custom-made adjustable stainless steel table, you are extremely flexible. Not only can the table be produced entirely according to your wishes, but afterward the table can also be automatically adjusted in height.

At Merito we do not make standard tables but produce custom-made ones.

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Flexible height-adjustable stainless steel tables

In this way, the table can always comply with the prescribed health and safety rules, because everyone can work on the adjustable table for a long time and in a comfortable way. This is an asset that you will be using for many years to come.

Fully customized for a dynamic working and living environment

An ergonomic design is always the basis of our height-adjustable stainless steel tables. Everyone, large or small, can easily adjust the height of the work table to their wishes, and therefore gets the chance to work ergonomically and productively. At Merito we do not make standard tables but produce custom-made ones. This means that you can determine the minimum and maximum height of the stainless steel table yourself, and decide for yourself on the size, material, design and all the characteristics that go with the adjustable table.

The advantages of height-adjustable stainless steel tables

Curious about the many possibilities stainless steel has to offer? Ask our specialists for more information and contact us. We help you from the orientation to a specific design that meets all your wishes and requirements. After all, with us, everything revolves around customization. From now on you will never want anything else!

Custom made is key at Merito

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