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Stainless Steel Heat cabinets

Keep dishes and crockery warm with stainless steel heat cabinets

An stainless steel cabinet keeps dishes and crockery warm so that the food has the right temperature when served. In addition, the top of the cabinet often serves as a worktop, and it is therefore important that a good quality cabinet is chosen. An stainless steel cabinet keeps dishes warm and is not only heat resistant but also easy to clean.

The possibilities are endless.

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Custom made stainless steel heat cabinets

At Merito everything revolves around customization. Of course, we also make stainless steel heat cabinets completely customized, so that they fit perfectly in your kitchen. Take advantage of this and make use of our many years of experience in the manufacture of stainless steel products. We make your heat cabinet completely to your wishes: with sliding doors or French doors, in different sizes, with a large or small working area. The possibilities are endless.

Questions about the many options? Contact us!

Curious about the many options for your new stainless steel heat cabinet or interested in a fully customized Merito heat cabinet? Then please contact one of our specialists. We like clarity and therefore would like to answer all your questions about our products or about stainless steel in general. Do not hesitate and contact us!

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