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Use of the customized top

Use of Stainless steel suggestions

Due to prolonged contact with base metals or chemicals, stainless steel can corrode!

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A stainless steel worktop is durable and water resistant. You just need to keep in mind a few things for daily use:

  1. Although stainless steel is heat resistant, you’ll always have to use coasters for pans that come directly from the hob. The temperature of them can be between 350ºC and 400ºC! The heat can cause the glue under the worktop to detach. Also be careful with hot appliances because they often can be hotter than expected.
  2. Stainless steel scratches easily. So never cut directly on the worktop, but use cutting boards instead. Also be carefull with sliders and sharp objects. These scratches however only affect the appearance of the material and not the quality.