Warranty terms

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If you notice abnormalities in the worktop you can rely on the warranty that the manufacturer gives you.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and only when worktop is assembled and maintained as directed. Damages caused by errors before or during assembly by a third party or improper maintenance cannot be reimbursed.
  2. The warranty on the worktop lapses when it has been modified. 
  3. Rust caused by external factors are not covered by the warranty.
  4. For complaints please notify your vendor, ensuring that your warranty claim is directed to the correct party.
  5. Warranty claims can be submitted up to 2 years after delivery date.
  6. If you submit a warranty claim, a service technician will come to you get information about the complaint. Perhaps he can fix the problem on the spot. In other case, if your claim is justified, a new worktop will be delivered. You will not be entitled to a fee for placing it, for the inconvenience, and so on. In case of an unfounded claim you will get a call-out charge.
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