Maintenance Stainless steel sink

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The kitchen sink is seamless built in for you. This makes it hygienic because no food stains can accumulate around the sink.
The sink is easy to clean:

  1. For daily maintenance, just use a sponge and some detergent.
  2. To keep the sink shiny for a long time, you can do the following: Once a month use a cleaning product like 'Staalfix', ' Star Polish' or 'Cif cream'. Apply a generous amount of it on a soft damp cloth or sponge. Rub it onto the sink and then rinse the sink with water. After that dry the sink with a dry piece of cloth. 


  1. Strange as it sounds the use of various brands of stainless steel cleaners is not recommended. The same coating that is applied for protections can also cause stains on the surface. We recommend to use 'Zepp inoxcleaner' or 'Motip rvs reiniger'.
  2. Acids or corrosive substances damage the stainless steel and cause stains, rust spots or small holes in the sink. Examples are chlorine, liquid drain unblocker, silver polish, teeth cleaning products, S39 and hydrochloric acid. If unfortunately one of these aggresive substances has ended up in the sink it is best to immediately remove this with 'Staalfix', ' Star Polish' or 'Cif cream' (see above). It is recommended to repeat this a couple of times. If this removing is done at a later time the damage on the stainless steel is already done and stains can return.
  3. It is best not to keep Chlorine or hydrochloric acid in the sink cabinet because their vapors can damage the stainless steel sink.
  4. Occasionally it happens that the sink shows a kind of rust. Such attacks can be caused by iron particles coming from the water circuit in the sink. This can happen especially after some maintenance or plumbing. Quickly and repeatedly cleaning as described above will remove rust and prevent new damage.

Stainless steel can not rust itself. Rust is always caused by external influence.

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