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Stainless steel is resistant to many non-household chemicals. But to let the worktop last long, you really do not need much:

  1. For daily cleaning and minimal dirt it is sufficient to use water and a soft soap.
  2. Stains you can rinse with water and treat them with 'Staalfix' or 'Blancopolish'. Always do this in the same direction as the polishing was done.
  3. For difficult stains (eg hydrochloric acid, S39, Dunclan, cement and tile cleaner, liquid drain unblocker, silver polish and chlorine) repeat the treatment with 'Staalfix' several times.

To keep the counter top nice and clean you can weekly spray it wih a stainless steel care spray. We recommend 'inoxcleaner' by Zepp or 'RVS Reiniger' by Motip. (Several other cleaners leave streaks or spots on the surface).

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