Stainless steel back panel

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A stainless steel back panel is often used as a wall cover behind the stainless steel kitchen sink worktop. As wall sockets are often installed in a stainless steel back panel, it is possible to order a stainless steel back panel with holes/openings for electrical sockets at locations you specified.

A stainless steel back panel with very divergent dimensions and forms is not a problem either. A stainless steel back panel can be produced with a thickness of 10, 16, or 19 mm. You have the option to have the corners welded shut and polished. Front panels of doors and drawers are provided standard in a thickness of 19 mm, on a glued backing of 18-mm thick MDF. The stainless steel back panels and stainless steel panels have a backing of 9-mm or 18-mm waterproof MDF. Standard stainless steel back panels are not welded and polished and the MDF is supplied along separately.

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